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Self-Help And Support Groups

Shirley’s husband, Joe, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Shirley is caring for Joe at home, but could also use some pointers, ideas, and support from others who understand her situation. She decides to join a caregiver support group.

What are Support and Self-Help Groups?

Support and self-help groups are usually small groups of people who have something in common, like caring for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease, or who is recovering from a stroke. Participants get together, usually once a month, to discuss their situations and concerns. Some groups have a professional social worker or nurse who coordinates the group, while others operate on their own.

Support groups are usually free of charge, while some with professional coordinators may ask for a small donation (which can usually be waived if necessary) to cover the cost of the professional’s time.

Where can I contact for more information?

For information about various support and self-help groups in your area, contact us or the Self-Help Network. The Self-Help Network is a nonprofit, statewide information center that can give you more information about support groups in your area. Currently, the Network can provide referrals to more than 3,000 Kansas and national support groups, organizations, and helplines. Call the Self-Help Network toll free at 800-445-0116.