Caregiver Help

Caregiver Websites
-Kansas Department on Aging
-Area Agencies on Aging
-Kansas for Seniors
-Information About Aging
-Senior Centers
-Services for Seniors
-information on behavior habits
-how to hire an attorney or in-home help
– fact sheet of caregiving
-safety checklist to help maintain a daily routine
-article on how to take care of yourself as a caregiver
-seasonal newsletter to subscribe to ($$)
-publication on different newsletters, magazines, articles, features from different organizations
-home safety checklist
-caregiver pointers
-Caregiver Resource Center on where to order books and magazines for caregivers
-information on types of care
-free newsletter and e-mail updates
-Careguide Store
-website chat room. Caregivers can go online to chat with other caregivers
-tips on how to reduce stress as a caregiver
– Caregiving Street a support group where caregivers can meet and talk with other caregivers
information on home support, health and daily living
-care for a caregiver
-stories from other caregivers
-has a newsletter to subscribe to ($$)
-a bi-monthly magazine that has information on caregiving
-$18.00 per year to subscribe
-caregiver survival series (books to purchase)
-helpful books on caregiving to order
-A video called “The Educated Caregiver” for sale ($39.95). The video
consists of 3 volumes:
-Coping Skills
-Hands on Skills
-Essential Knowledge
-On-Line community information on caregiving
-ElderCare Beacon. Monthly updates on articles, software, skill builders, chats and other site enhancements.
-Learning Resource Guides. Up-to-date on complex topics with educational booklets.
-Skill Builders. How to take care of elders’ basic needs on a day-to-day basis.
-Chat Guide. Chat with other caregivers on different subjects or topics.
– I Caregiver channel

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