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Assistive Devices And Technology

Assistive technology can be any item, piece of equipment, or product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the living and working capabilities of people with disabilities. Examples of assistive devices include Braille printers, computer-based communication systems, electronic page-turners for books, power wheelchairs, talking books and calculators, and telephone devices for persons with hearing impairments.

Where do I find and how do I pay for assistive technology?

Check with the Area Agency on Aging, church, civic group, veterans’ organization, senior center or lending closet for low cost rental of assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. You may also contact the statewide lending closet at Occupational Center of Central Kansas (OCCK) in Salina at 785-827-9383 or 800-526-9731.

In addition, the agencies listed below provide information and referral, advice on financing, training, and technical assistance about assistive devices and technology. You may also contact your local Center for Independent Living for additional information and financing ideas. See section three in this online publication for the Center for Independent Living nearest you.

  • NW KS Educational Service Center 785-672-3125, TTY number is the same.
  • Occupational Center of Central Kansas (OCCK) 800-526-9731, TTY 785-807-7051
  • Asst. Technology of SC Kansas 316-942-5444, TTY number is 316-942-3311
  • NE Access Site Assistive Technology 785-841-0333, TTY number is 785-841-1046
  • Envision 316-267-2244, TTY number is 316-265-3103
  • SKIL-SE KS Independent Living Inc., Parsons 620-421-5502, TTY number is 620-421-0983
  • Assistive Technology for KS Information & Referral 800-526-3648, TTY number is 316-421-8367