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Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas

Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK) is a free program offering Kansans an opportunity to talk with trained, community volunteers and get answers to questions about Medicare and other insurance issues. SHICK provides you with many resources that will help you with your questions about Medicare.

SHICK has counselors throughout the state who can assist people to stay informed on changing conditions in health care insurance and to cut through the confusion.

Counselors receive training on Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Long-Term Care and other health insurance subjects that concern older Kansans.

Counselors do not work for any insurance company. The goal is to educate and assist the public to make informed decisions on what’s best for them.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Northeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging SHICK counselor, please call toll free 800-883-2549 or 785-742-7152.

SHICK offers:


These Kansas Insurance Department publications will be mailed directly to you if requested.

For more information on the SHICK program in your area, please call: 800-860-5260 or click HERE.