About Us

Board of Directors

Atchison County –  Janean Bowen (Secretary) and Eric Noll

Brown County – Joanne Noll  (Vice Chair) and Beverly Sunderman

Doniphan County – Joyce Simpson and Janet Tyler

Jackson County – Anna Wilhelm (Treasurer) and Dan Brenner

Marshall County – Joyce Nelson (Chair) and Lucille Papes

Nemaha County – Nancy Gafford and Lynn Niehues

Washington County – Mary Tate and Raleigh Ordoyne

To contact a member of the NEKAAA Board of Directors, please email peggy.siebenmorgen@nekaaa.org.

Policy and Procedures for Public Comment

Policy :  To maintain order at Board meetings and to provide for the conduct of business in a timely manner, any interested party or member of the public that is not a NEKAAA Board Director, who wishes to comment, raise a questions to the Board, or pursue any issue of Board concern, must provide said comment, questions, or concerns to the NEKAAA Executive Director in writing, at least 24 hours prior to any regularly scheduled Board meeting. The NEKAAA Executive Director will ensure that such comments, questions, or concerns are properly reproduced for the Board’s review at the next scheduled Board meeting

ProcedureAny person who is not a NEKAAA Board Director who desires to express a comment, question, or concern, must complete the attached NEKAAA comment form, at least 24 hours prior to any regularly scheduled Board meeting, and submit it to the NEKAAA Executive Director, (or the NEKAAA Administrative Assistant in his/her absence). A fax copy or E-mail is acceptable, as long as it is in the proper format.  Unsigned comment forms are not acceptable.

The Board may choose to call upon a person submitting a comment, question, or concern, or they may not.  The Board Chair may recognize people that are not NEKAAA Board Directors, but whom are present at Board meetings and grant them permission to speak, or to answer questions when directed to them.  No person who is not a NEKAAA Board Director will be allowed to address the Board unless they have either followed the process of written comments or are specifically called upon by the Chairperson of the Board, or the Acting Chairperson in his/her absence.  If necessary, violators of this policy may be physically removed from the place of the meeting and charged under law with disturbing the peace.

The intent of this policy is not to stifle comments, questions or concerns. The intent is to allow the Board Directors to conduct their meeting in an orderly manner, without spontaneous interruptions or other distractions.

NEKAAA Board Meeting Comment Form